Northumbria run away with victory

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Newcastle’s finest athletes took to the  track and field to take on the best of what Northumbria had to offer.

The club opted to skip S&C the day before to focus on the event, and it looked to be paying dividends as Newcastle started brightly on the track.

In the 60m, Danny Mcbride broke a club record, when he went sub-7s with a majestic 6.9s, making up for Northumbria winning the women’s 60m.


0.25 points won indoors


However, Northumbria took the advantage in the day’s only field event, as Peter Skirrow and Jack Roach sealing a Northumbria 1-2, with the latter achieving 6.67m with his longest jump.

Northumbria then extended their lead with victory in the men’s 200m, but Newcastle hit back in the 1500m, as they achieved their own impressive 1-2, with Cameron Cutts and Alex Stokes sailing home in a comfortable victory.


1.75 points won outdoors


However, whatever chance Newcastle had, had to be capitalised on in the relays. But they stood little chance. Though Hannah Shepherd wrapped up a good win for the women in the 4x400m, Newcastle fell short in the men’s 4x400m and both 4x100m.

We all know, however, that Newcastle would have Northumbria on toast in the cross country.

Last modified: 27th March 2018

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