Note to Self: Be un-apologetically you

Written by Beauty

A beautiful woman is a woman who knows her worth. A woman who accepts the aspects of herself that are different and wears them with pride.

Being a beautiful person is being fiercely and un-apologetically yourself. You must know your worth in this world. You must remember that you are good enough because the world will try and convince you otherwise. No one. No one on this entire planet is entitled to make you feel inferior. So do not allow anyone the authority to tell you that you are not beautiful.

All that matters is what you think of yourself. You have to work on your perception of yourself first because if you believe you are unworthy, you will accept and attract individuals into your life who believe this as well. Work on your confidence. Always look people in the eye. Act the way you believe a confident person would act and soon enough that’s who you will have become. Speak to new people and do things out of your comfort zone and you will shock yourself in how fearless you truly are. Above all else know that self-love is a journey. It won’t come overnight but one day you will look in the mirror and know what a beautiful human-being you are. 

Last modified: 3rd December 2019

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