NUSU opens nominations for celebrating success

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The world’s focus may have been turned towards last week’s BAFTAs and Grammy Awards but both ceremonies are set to be eclipsed as Newcastle University opens voting for The 2017 Celebrating Success Awards.

Students can nominate any other student or recent graduate, including themselves, in recognition of extra-curricular activities both on and off campus. NUSU

President, Jack Taylor, emphasises that

“there is definitely no one type of person that can win an award”.

He continued,

“anyone who can demonstrate the impact they’ve had is definitely in with a chance”.

The results of voting will be made public in May ahead of the awards ceremony on Thursday 8th June 2017 at the Civic Centre.

The awards are split into six principal categories with a number of sub-categories in each. Taylor accounted for this by speaking of “the breadth of work our students do”, citing the range of categories as a way of ensuring the awards are “as inclusive as possible”.

There are individual awards such as ‘Administrator of the Year’ and ‘Sports Writer of the Year’ whilst clubs can also be nominated for ‘Most Improved Club of the Year’ or ‘Team of the Year’, amongst others. Meanwhile, sporting achievements are celebrated at the ‘Athletic Union Awards’, and it’s not just the sportsmen and women who can be awarded. Coaches too have their own prize, with the ‘Coach of the Year’ title.

For those who have played an active role in society, there are the ‘Community Impact Awards’, which encompass a wide range of achievements. In particular, the ‘Youth Volunteering Award’ and ‘Community Outreach Award’ are for students who make a difference in the local community. The ‘Students for Students Award’ and ‘Student Leadership Award’ are examples of two awards that focus more on campus life.

Societies are of a greatly important aspect of life at Newcastle University, hence, there are the ‘Society Awards’ too. These include ‘Best Society Event’ and ‘Best Inter-Society Collaboration’, as well as ‘Individual Award for Outstanding Contribution to Societies’ for outstanding leaders.

The ‘Media Awards’ celebrate contribution to The Courier, The Courier TV and Newcastle Student Radio. Sections of the paper can be nominated for ‘The Courier Section of the Year’, your favourite TCTV show could win ‘TCTV Show of the Year’ whilst, if you fell in love with a new radio show, the host could win ‘NSR Newcomer of the Year’.

The final categories are ‘Student Rep Awards’ and ‘Rise Up Awards’. The former acknowledges the hard work of a wide-range of Student Reps, the latter focuses on those who have engaged with the world of business and enterprise.

A full list of awards as well as the voting form can be accessed online on the NUSU website.

Last modified: 19th February 2017

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