Opening Building of the Future for Computer Science

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Computer Science students are excited for the anticipated opening of their new Urban Sciences Building, scheduled to open in August 2017.

The £60m project, which is claimed to be the ‘building of the future’, will enhance research and learning at Newcastle University. It’s state of the art exterior will be an attractive addition to the university campus.

Along with The Key building constructed in 2015, it makes another element in the Science Central Vision, aiming to create a ‘living laboratory’, which will underpin research on making urban centres more sustainable for future generations.

Professor John Fitzgerald, Deputy Head of the Computer Science Department at Newcastle University, describes the modernising scheme as a ‘real step forward for research and education in computer science’.

The building’s sustainability is promising for future staff and students. It’s digital features, which connect walls, windows and fittings through thousands of sensors, will contribute to a greater understanding of how to create similar buildings elsewhere.

As a £350m urban regeneration project which will house additional projects, such as the new £40m National Innovation Centre for Ageing and the £30mn National Innovation Centre for Data, it is not surprising that the Computer Science Department holds bright outlooks.

Arunathy Nair, an undergraduate student in this department, expressed her anticipation about this development: “I am looking forward to working in the world-class facilities. It will be a privilege to undertake research which will better future generations”.

The proposed location of the new Urban Sciences Building is just as interesting. The 24-acre site, once a mine before being taken over by the Science Central partnership, is located in the heart of the city centre, so that students, staff and the local community can benefit from the development.

As Professor Stephanie Glendenning, Dean of Strategic Projects at Newcastle University explained,

“Science Central is unique in the UK. We are creating a demonstration site that is not just another University lab bench but a full scale, real world solution that businesses and communities can get involved with and help to shape”

The Urban Sciences Building is undoubtedly an exciting development on the university campus. As the new home of 1,395 talented students and staff, it will pave the way for innovative and responsible academics in the coming years.

Last modified: 19th February 2017

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