Opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII remake posted online

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Square Enix released a new introductory movie for the Final Fantasy VII remake.

After the demo got leaked to YouTube at the end of last year, the official extended version of the theme song came out on 14 February.

The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a year.

The opening follows a similar narrative to the original version from 1997 for the first PlayStation. Besides the technical differences, the extended version explores the hustle and bustle of life in Midgar, from kids playing in parks to close-ups of dead plants to the introduction of the recurrent characters of Aerith and Cloud Strife.

Square Enix first announced Final Fantasy VII remake during E3 2015, but development did not actually begin until 3 years later in 2018.

Whilst the initial release date was 3 March 2020, the game has been delayed as it will now be coming out a month later on 10 April.

The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a year, until April 2021. After that, the game is expected to be ported for the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

The remake of the original 1997 version will be the beginning of a new saga of Final Fantasy. Noruma and producer Yoshinori Kitase announced the new multi-part series intends to “get fans of the original version excited.”

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Developers announced that these chapters are meant to be full-sized games in their own right, rather than episodic installments like with Life is Strange or The Walking Dead. Final Fantasy VII sets the stage for new characters and events, even set in flashbacks since the trailer has revealed inconsistencies in the supposed timeline.

With this, the new Final Fantasy will further explore themes and concepts from the original storyline that players did not have access to originally.

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Last modified: 24th February 2020

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