Oscar snub for Best Director :Greta Gerwig

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With 6 Oscar nominations, Little Women is a favourite in many categories. Greta Gerwig for best director however is not one of these categories. Why? The truth is we will never know.

While the discussion about this so far has been at times fiery, it sometimes has been blind to the work that was even snubbed. The glorious, life affirming piece of cinema that undoubtedly touched the hearts of those that saw it. It was loyal to the original text while being new and exciting; a fresh retelling by a modern director. Gerwig’s exceptional direction guided her dream-team of actresses to some of the best performances of their careers, earning them nominations this year. All of this and much more considered, I just want to say that while the Academy don’t recognise Gerwig’s talent, I do and Greta I salute you.

Last modified: 13th March 2020

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