Ouseburn goes ‘plastic-free’

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Ouseburn is celebrating after being named Newcastle’s first ‘plastic-free community’.

The award, which is given by marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), is awarded to communities that have cut down on their use of single-use plastics.

The campaign to make Ouseburn plastic-free began in 2018

The campaign to make Ouseburn plastic-free began in 2018, when local resident Chad Male became concerned about rising levels of plastic pollution in the River Tyne. In response to receiving the award, Male said ‘A grassroots campaign like this goes to show how each and every one of us really can make a difference and, of course, though Ouseburn isn’t yet completely plastic-free, the show of commitment towards that aim is truly inspiring and I couldn’t be prouder of this gem of an area in the heart of Newcastle’.

Ouseburn is the first area of the city to gain such an award

Ouseburn is the first area of the city to gain such an award, and the bid to decrease its environmental impact was supported by many locals. Residents organised several events to contribute to the bid, including plastic-free street food festivals. Local businesses also contributed to the effort, cutting down on their use of products like single-use straws and coffee cups.

Across the country, 673 communities have achieved ‘plastic-free’ status, according to the SAS website. The charity also encourages volunteers to get involved with beach cleans, several of which have happened in and around the North East.

To find out more about the effort to keep Ouseburn plastic-free, and about how to get involved with their future events, visit Plastic Free Ouseburn on Facebook.

Last modified: 24th April 2020

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