Path of Exile 2 announced

Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile sequel is set to release in late 2020.

Alex Gervas
2nd March 2020
During Exilecon, Grinding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile would receive a sequel, which is expected to be released in late 2020.

The official page of Path of Exile announced that the beta wouldn’t arrive until late next year. Therefore, the official Path of Exile 2 is expected in 2021. However, the company did assure extensions will be released for the first game every three months.

The official Path of Exile 2 is expected in 2021.

Path of Exile 2 will be set 20 years after the ending of its predecessor, on the same fantasy world of Wraeclast. With this new arc comes 19 new ascendancy classes and significant changes to the skill system. The ‘Range Attack Totem’ skills will now be called ‘Ballistas’. They will be closer to the character, giving more importance to positioning.

On the other hand, the items for active skills, ‘Support Gems’, will include ‘Skill Gems’, making the skill justifiable since it will no longer depend on the character’s class. The whole armour and weapon system has also changed: weapons will have six support sockets to increase skills rather than being tied to levelling up.

Grinding Gear Games took this new release as an opportunity to tackle many issues that came with the original Path of Exile. The company said: “there have been many changes that we would have loved to make to Path of Exile but could not because they would break existing characters. Path of Exile 2 is an opportunity to make all of these changes in one large update.”

Path of Exile 2 is expected to be a much-needed improvement on the game’s system that will increase playability and engagement by making the mechanics simpler.

Featured image credit: @pcinvasion (Twitter)

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