Photobox: Christmas on Campus

Written by Arts

Every year, the arrival of snow in Newcastle seems to be the ultimate symbol of Christmas properly beginning. Frosty flakes cascade from the sky, people huddle in huge coats, hats, gloves and scarves, and public transport gets utterly unreliable, making getting to university very, very difficult.

Once you arrive on campus, though, you’re greeted beautiful white sheets of snow across all the grass banks, icicles dangle from doorways and tree branches, and laughter and snowball fights inevitably ensue. This photograph I took on the very first day of real snow here this year – the 30th of November – and it shows the humble beginnings of this most delightful winter season once again. The snow just beginning to settle, leafless trees prominent against the sky, and the proud Students’ Union sat slap bang in the middle – a hub of Christmas cheer and cringe worthy music for all.

Merry Christmas, Courier readers!

Last modified: 6th December 2017

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