Photobox: Glastonbury Sunset

Written by Arts

I took this photo on the Wednesday night of Glastonbury festival this June. Every year there’s a big firework display to mark the start of the weekend, and festival goers make the trek to the highest point of the site.

This year was blisteringly hot, so that we’d all ditched our wellies for dusty flip flops, but by this time in the evening it was starting to cool off. The sun was setting, and watching hordes of people making the journey presented me with the opportunity to capture this moment.

This is the first photo I’ve taken on film where I’ve managed to capture silhouettes. I’m proud of this photo not only for this reason, but also because it encapsulates everything this festival represents to me. Glastonbury is an exodus to happiness, a purposeful decision to exit the ordinary and enter bliss. Even if it takes a steep climb to get there.

Last modified: 24th October 2017

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