Photobox: Neve McMahon

Written by Arts

Neve McMahon on her photograph of Brighton Pier at sunset.

Captured at Brighton Pier, the harsh breeze of the February evening could not possibly whisk my attention away from such a sunset. Despite the frankly brain-numbing temperature, the scattered rays of light exuded a certain glow that even the summer sun couldn’t replicate. As waves brushed against the beach’s pebbles, the birds above imitated a similar rhythm.

The derelict pier, lifeless and abandoned embodied a reminder of the harsh reality of nature itself. The nostalgia drawn from the collapse of the west pier lead me to consider in the fragility of man-made structures exposed to the environment. This sunset to some may have been just another burst of colour in the sky, yet it has remained with me as something of memorable beauty.

Last modified: 17th October 2017

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