Pioneering feminists in the arts: Hana Shafi

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There are so many female artists who are making changes every day on social media platforms such as Instagram. There is Floss from @florencegiven, Frances Cannon from @frances_cannon and the illustration account @pink_bits. Each account battles issues such as body image, depression, identity and sexuality through their powerful work.

One artist in particular who is making a change in a world full of body negativity is Toronto- based journalist and artist Hana Shafi a.k.a FrizzKid. Hana’s illustrations, which are posted on her social media accounts (mainly Instagram), deliver positive and supportive messages such as “you are good enough” and “it’s ok to put yourself first” communicating messages with thoughtfulness and care.

Instagram: @frizzkidart

Hana started to experiment with art in high school after feeling very insecure, stressed and struggled with anxiety, so art become a form of therapy in her younger years. By expressing herself creatively she was able to tackle the issues she faced in her early adolescence and now years later she is creating both poetry and illustrations to help other women who are also fighting their own battles. One particular illustration that she became known for was the “healing isn’t linear” illustration relating to survivors of sexual violence. By combining such poignant words with flowers Hana was able to create something visual and by taking such a difficult healing process and creating an illustration which grasps the point perfectly millions were able to use her art to have hope with their own healing process.  

Many of her illustrations have been used by fans for tattoo inspiration, especially her “healing is not linear” work, as a way to remind themselves that healing is never simple and never straightforward but instead is a constant process of self-love and acceptance.

Last modified: 16th March 2020

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