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Podcasts have become a very popular form of entertainment recently, with a lot of people tuning in whilst commuting to university, doing work in the library, or waiting for friends on campus. Podcasts are great listening materials as loads more are being released relating to lifestyle and health topics with advice, guidance, and stories.

I found myself listening to podcasts such as ‘The Science of Happiness’ to look for a bit of positivity when I’m stressed, or looking for some advice and tips. So, seeing how podcasts are now becoming increasingly prevalent here is my top Podcast of The Week.

This week’s ‘ Happy Place’.

‘Happy Place’ is a podcast by Fearne Cotton, an English TV and radio presenter, who also wrote the bestselling book ‘Happy: Finding Joy in Every Day and Letting Go of Perfect’. The podcast started back in March, releasing eleven episodes for season one, and they are now back with season two kicking it off by speaking to Gary Barlow about his struggles with depression, body image issues, and his slow recovery.

Every episode features a celebrity or companion guest discussing what happiness means to them and how they remain positive. Fearne travels to their home, sits down with a cup of tea and chats with some incredible people, discussing topics such as mental health, loss, depression, workaholic lifestyles and what they do to be, and stay happy. She has had some great celebrity guest stars such as Stephen Fry, who is a huge mental health advocate, Gok Wan, Dawn French, Matt Haig conversing his experience with panic attacks and anxiety, and many other guest stars who are all super open and honest, sharing things they might not have shared with the public before. It is an open and raw podcast where these incredible people bear all to help others see you can be positive again having suffered with mental health, body issues, or eating disorders and that there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Which, I think is a great way to release all the stigma around mental health, especially for men. Those that do suffer with mental health can listen, relate and see that they can get through it, and that if others can remain positive and happy then they can too.

Two episodes that struck me included  Matt Haig and Stephen Fry. Matt Haig who has dealt with mental health issues such as panic attacks since his early 20’s, led him to become the bestselling author of books such as ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ and ‘How to Stop Time’. Stephen Fry is very public and open about being bipolar, which made him into a huge advocate for mental health campaigns. Both their episodes are incredible to listen to, from them detailing what they each have experienced with mental health, what their lowest point was, and then how they overcame it.  They describe what happiness means to both of them and it’s so refreshing and enlightening listening to those who have dealt with mental health issues and have still come out of it positive, happy and focusing on the bright side.

To listen to these podcasts, you can find both on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Last modified: 20th November 2018

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  1. Bobby Lobsters says:

    AAAAAAAAAH NOPE! This is incorrect. Podcast of the week, nay, the year is the Non-League Wanderers, available on Stitcher and Buzzsprout. I have enjoyed their work all the way from Thailand, when I have been unable to leave the bathroom.

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