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Who cares if I broke my own damn stupid heart?

So what if I saw the night and followed through the dark?

I’ve been so colourblind and missed the signs,

And struggled on the path too many times.

I climbed my way out of the alluring black,

But now all that I want is to run back.

Despite the ache, the pain, there was a warmth,

And walls protecting me from raging storms.

It takes the strongest will to stay afloat,

To feel the sun, not turn around to face the hurt.

But magic in the night still does call out to me,

And it’s so very tempting to fall into my dream.

So what is right: to follow my own heart or to forget?

To stay where it is safest, where peace is set?

To jump straight into twisted heavenly nightmares,

And give way to the sweet deceit and stifle my own air?


Last modified: 26th March 2020

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