Poembox: Love letter to the Earth

Written by Arts, Poetry

I miss you,

I miss the way you would whisper in my ear,

I miss the way you tickled my cheek as you brushed past me,

I miss the way we used to connect,

Just you and me and a silence that was oh so sweet!

This new silence hurts my heart,

It unsettles my bones.

Is it because you are upset with me?

I want to see you be happy again,

I want to see the joy light up in your eyes,

As flowers sprout from your thighs.

You’ve always been so beautiful,

With that unmatched splendour you possess.

Your power never ceases to amaze me,

You still hold it.

Though your body may be bruised,

I will heal you,

I am sorry for the way you were used.

Where did your flowers go?

Are they still able to grow?

Where are the roots that held together your soul?

Did they destroy them?

Those men with mechanical swords who cut your throat and silenced you.

You warned us, as you pleaded for mercy,

But we did not listen.

You cried, as the heavens descended upon us,

But we did not listen.


You screamed in anger as the fires tore through the land,

But we did not listen.

We broke our promise,

But please do not go.

We need you,

We are listening now,

I hope it is not too late.

I miss you. –  T.P.M

Last modified: 12th October 2020

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