Poembox: Self-isolate

Written by Arts, Poetry

The sun melts beyond the garden wall,

A glassblower’s progeny,

Drop of gold

That you can’t reach.

You feel the dust collect in the air

Cribbed, confined

In your bedroom,

Blankly stare

At walls, items, obstacles

To the waste of papers that cluster in the corners

Of these four walls.

Deep breath now.

There’s no going out –

You’ve had your allocated walk the state allows.

Find something to do.

But what to do, what to do?

Only so many hours you can scroll,

Stare into the glossy window of your charging phone

Or comfort eat till your belly aches.

For god’s sake

Find the little things you value the most,

Simple things that make you happiest.

Share a moment with those you care about.

Reach out a hand,

If not in real life, then virtually.

Hold on to everything you value tight

Because things aren’t as permanent as they seem to be.

Image Credit: Instagram @frances_cotton

Last modified: 1st April 2020

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