Poetry Corner: I Am Chasing My Dream

Written by Arts, Poetry

aming of oneiric Cambridge,

And poetical Paris.

Walking alone in a rainbow,

Walking alone on flagstones in Cambridge to explore your impressions.

I load starlight fully in the boat to wander within your heart.

Your eyes have their silence.

I know,

In your silver eyes are things that enclose me.

Like dreams,

Sediment of rainbow-like dreams,

Beautiful but far away.

Standing alone in a romantic street,

Standing alone under the Eiffel Tower and watch Seine’s sunrise.

I bring a crimson cloud to render your smile.

Your mouth rises gently.

I know,

In your red mouth are things that enclose me.

Like dreams,

Emanation of budded lotus-like dreams,

Peaceful but have short lives.

I am chasing my dream.

In a dream,

I and my life shut wonderfully,

As the stars appear as darkness sweeps across every city.

Whether oneiric Cambridge,

Or poetical Paris.

I am chasing my dream in a dream. 

Last modified: 25th April 2016

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