Polyethylene Fish For Supper

Written by Arts, Poetry

The sea

Foam like a bubble bath

Vehemence like my late-grandmother’s

Crashing and swirling

Swirling and crashing

A mesmerising blur of blues, blacks and greens

The sun 

A veil of gold leaf on its quaking surface

A non-existent road to some place new

The beach

Fine yellow-white sand between your toes

And rocks bigger than your thighs

Tiny little shells

Crushed beneath your feet

The plastic

Like tiny floating jewels

Choking birds

Who swoop down 

To catch the pieces between their beaks

Like jellyfish and mussels

Choking turtles

Choking you

Stomachs twisted

Organs bursting

Oceans drowning

   Polyethylene fish

 for supper?

Last modified: 3rd March 2020

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