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Throughout the years we have seen the likes of Activision and EA attempt to reinvent the genre. Now we see the triumph return of Doom, the one that started it all and by trimming back everything the FPS genre has become, it is a reminder of everything that was great about the old school.

The Doom multiplayer beta kicked off with a huge bang and got everyone talking. While I was playing Doom, my first thought was that this would really make a fun Quake game. And for that I thank Bethesda and id Software’s fondness for only the finest weapons capable of dealing the greatest carnage.

New Doom players should note that there are no reloads, regenerating health or sprinting which makes a huge difference.

There are three basic classes: Assault, Ambusher and Sniper. As the name suggests, Assault class has a rocket launcher as the main weapon, giving you an idea of the sort of action that’s about to come. There were eight weapons in the beta, and you can take any two in custom loadouts. My ideal setup was a combination of long/short-range: the Plasma Gun and the Super Shotgun. Due to the absurd pace at which Doom operates, Super Shotgun in way becomes your only reliable weapon. As you’ll be bumping into your opponents more often than spotting them at a distance.

Every time you shoot your opponent, you will see the damage each bullet does to your enemy with each hit via a number. Rifles damage your opponent between six to eight points per bullet. However the shotgun can deal 50 points of damage at close range where most of the action takes place so it’s the best choice.

New Doom players should note that there are no reloads, regenerating health or sprinting which makes a huge difference. For original Doom players it will little while to jog your memory and stop reaching for a new clip after every firefight, but once you realise that you can keep firing until you enemy is down and out despite that amount of damage that you take.

The controls are simple, most of the time you’ll be using both triggers and both analogue stick. Doom multiplayer is designed to keep the player, hence there hardly be any campers during the match and forcing players to look for health and ammo. If you’re low on either, your best chance of survival is to find pickups. One of these pickups is a demon rune, in Beta you were allowed to play as the Revenant, armed with dual rocket launchers and a jetpack. Revenant wreaked havoc moving faster than you and doing more damage.

There are also perks that appear throughout a match, placed in hard-to-reach areas. But they’re worth striving for, like quad damage and haste (faster movement).There were also a bunch of perks that can be activated between respawns to try to make your next run more successful.

What’s great is that each buff, rather than being a one-time use and works on a timer. So rather than worry about using it on your next life and being killed within seconds, you can activate an armour boost safe in the knowledge that a quick death doesn’t waste it.

Team Deathmatch and Warpath the former sees teams fight for control over an ever-moving zone and two maps, Heatwave and Infernal, were playable in the beta. The maps weren’t huge, but were well detailed.

Doom is a stunning multiplayer game. Although the only chance you’ll probably get to appreciate the environment is while watching a match, as you’re moving too fast to take in the view while playing.

So in my closing points I’d say, id Software has done a marvellous job getting both new and old players excited about the return of Doom. Recent trailers have teased us with nostalgic gameplay elements with the wild gore of which the latest generation of hardware is capable. Based on the beta, I can’t wait to get my hands on it in coming days.

Last modified: 9th May 2016

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