President of Washington Football Team keen on creating a "culture of trust"

Following a series of serious allegations, new team president Jason Wright hopes to promote equality within Washington Football

Tom Moorcroft
5th September 2020
Twitter @whoisjwright
Jason Wright, the recently appointed president of Washington Football Team, hopes to encourage fans that the future of the club will be a “culture of trust.”

This comes after sexual assault allegations were made towards team staffers, made from 15 former employees and two journalists who worked closely with the team. 

Wright, who is also the first black team president in the history of the NFL, aims to support equality throughout the club, stating that “the franchise has made commitment to changing the culture”.

One major shift towards this equality could be seen when they officially renamed the club, changing it from their 88 year old title of ‘The Washington Redskins’ to ‘The Washington Football Team’. This came after a flurry of criticism from sponsors and fans, who felt discouraged by the racial connotations of ‘Redskin’, which is an offensive slur toward Native Americans.

Jason Wright, who had a six year stint in the NFL for a number of different teams, wants to build on the ownership opening up about the sexual assault investigation, suggesting that “peeling back the curtain and letting people see the good, the bad and the ugly is a bold thing to do.”

“We’re going to build on that to wherever we’re at today to a culture which empowers all voices. That elevates women to be part of the key decisions that the franchise is making.”

Featured Image source: Twitter @whoisjwright
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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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