PREVIEW: NUTS Drama Festival

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As the final semester begins Newcastle University Theatre Society (NUTS) prepares for its annual Drama Festival. There will be six brand new shows written by students that will take place over two nights on the 3rd – 4th May at Summer Pavilion, it’s going to be an event you won’t want to miss. There may also be a guest appearance from Durham University Student Theatre so keep an eye out.

This year’s shows include:

Jigsaw by Lucy Sherratt.

In sessions with a psychotherapist, four patients reveal their everyday struggles with mental illness.

Good Taste by Aidan Clancy & Joe Hodgson.

On a series of blind dates Rose is met with some rather odd characters, from street magicians to cannibals it’s safe to say she sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Dot by Hannah Jayne Leek.

Inspired by a true story, Dorothy searches for her long lost brother, looking to give him the family life she never had.

The Way the World Works by Victoria Kaye & Tom Merson.

It’s a world where Heaven, Hell and Earth are all departments of a large office block, but after Earth receives a bad appraisal some special measures need to be put in place.

Welcome to Camp Camp by Josh Turner.

On a retreat which claims to cure the sufferers of heterosexuality, sexual re-orientation coaches guide the audience through a series of rather unorthodox treatments.

The festival also features the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe preview of Spoon-Feeders by Patrick Watson.

Voice actors who record anonymous interviews for the news are on to a big story, but how far has the truth been twisted before the story hits the air?

If you want to get involved in this year’s drama festival, keep an eye on our Facebook page (/nutstheatre) for more details or email nuts@newcastle.ac.uk for more information.

Last modified: 25th April 2016

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