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When Star Wars first returned to screens, euphoria greeted the 1998 Phantom Menace teaser. Fast forward twenty years and House Mouse is creating new Star Wars material at breakneck pace. This month buried beneath the press release of a new new trilogy Disney also announced a live action Star Wars series to be released exclusively on their forthcoming Netflix-esque streaming platform. With the series being a flagship show, big investment seems likely so whilst everyone else talks about the further adventures of Rey and co., I’m wondering where they’ll go with this new series (warning; painfully geeky content ahead);

1. The Old Republic: The likely fan choice; a pre-history story where the Jedi push the Sith to the brink of extinction. Imagine Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings. The expensive choice, but with flagship value.

2. Something Firefly-esque: How ironic would it be? Joss Whedon’s cult favourite proved the quality in a personal story within a bigger world. Maybe the further adventures of Cassian and K-2SO prior to Rogue One?

3. Star Wars Stories: I’ve wondered for years why we don’t have Springfield Stories focusing on supporting Simpsons characters. A spotlight on supporting characters; who doesn’t want an hour of Porkins?

4. Underworld: In 2005 George Lucas said he had 100 scripts ready to shoot of a series focused on the underbelly of the galaxy far far away. Unlikely given its adult themes but shines a light on the smugglers paradise within the Star Wars universe.

5. Something Fargo-esque: Essentially character driven anthologies similar to the big screen versions (Rogue One, Solo) – I’d love to see six episodes concerning Darth Maul or the Vader comics.

Whatever they decide – here’s hoping it doesn’t involve Jar Jar.

Last modified: 28th November 2017

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