Pub to come to Monument Metro station

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The busiest station on the Metro network, seeing more than 10 million passengers through its gates each year, is under Nexus management, who labelled the project “an exciting new business venture”.
Huw Lewis, from the company, added: “This development is something different from Metro’s busiest station, right in the heart of Newcastle city centre, and we think that our passengers will really like it”.

Set to showcase local beers and house a grand piano, The Waypoint will be managed by Sam Beldon, who looks to make the establishment a “warm welcome for commuters heading home after a hard day’s work”.
The bar joins works such as Bob Olley’s ‘Famous Faces’ mural and David Hamilton’s ‘Parsons Polygon’ as novel features on the station.

Not all students, however, are overly convinced by the arrival of ‘The Waypoint’. Josh Graham, third year Business student, reacted: “That sounds like a recipe for disaster. That’s usually the metro people get off at when going on a night out, or meeting at, so it would be packed with even more drunk people… or maybe it would be the greatest idea.”

Fourth year German and French student Lucy Joyce echoed these views:
“I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary, as the area around Haymarket already has quite a few pubs. As I don’t use the metro that often, having a place to drink inside the station wouldn’t appeal to me that much, and I would never think of going into the metro station just for a drink. It might be popular amongst commuters wanting to grab a quick drink before heading home, but I don’t think there’ll be too much appeal for students (especially with a Wetherspoons a two minute walk away).”

Third year Maths and Economics student Matthew McTeer was however much more positive, remarking:
“Great idea! Although not sure how much I’d want to go to a pub in one of the grottiest Metro stations in the city. Who knows though – could be a catalyst for necessary investment at Monument Metro station.”
Only time will tell, but be sure to look out for The Waypoint at Monument station soon.

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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