Rage Quit: Animal Crossing

George Bell hops on the controversy train to deliver a blow to Nintendo's happiest franchise

George Bell
16th March 2020
With Animal Crossing: New Horizons only a few days away, I think it’s time that we looked at the true disease gripping the world: love for a franchise that honestly doesn’t deserve it.

Firstly, the Animal Crossing games are home to one of the worst video-game characters of all-time: Tom Nook. Matching all too much to the real world, the notorious shop keeper starts off pretty much every game by forcing you into a mortgage and neck-deep with debt that you must pay off.

The gameplay of the series is fun and varied with plenty to do but there are issues.

It's a game mainly aimed at a younger audience and the evil raccoon is clearly taking advantage, just to squeeze every last bell he can out of the player. He’s a being of pure evil up there with the likes of Doctor Breen and Eggman, fuelling his cold, greedy heart with the money of the innocent. Whilst this archetype is brilliant in any other franchise, this being of pure evil contrasts too much and takes away from a series famous for its flowery vibes.

The gameplay of the series is fun and varied with plenty to do but there are a plethora of issues with some of the things you can do that may negatively influence younger audiences. While I am an avid supporter that games do not cause people to do bad things, unless lag is involved, the subtle nature of Animal Crossing has likely negatively influenced many people.

Despite what Tom Nook presents, for our generation, it is virtually impossible to buy a house, let alone build one. The game builds up a false sense of hope which is unfair for today's growing generation. Animal Crossing is a title full of very realistic activities but twisted to make them seem easy and fun which is all great then but by the time that the cold shower of reality sprays down upon you, you're sorely mistaken for what you can actually do.

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This is a deeply controversial article that will likely offend many, including my girlfriend, friends, and family. I may lose everything as a result of publishing this (including my ability to write for the TV section) but this is something that needed to be addressed.

Featured image credit: @itsptmn & @animalcrossing (Twitter)

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