Random Netflix Generator: The Kindness Diaries Review

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Gabriela Szczepanska has taken on the role of reviewing a randomly generated Netflix series this week. She has no idea what to expect.

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Leon Logothetis decides to embark on a journey across the world with nothing but his yellow motorbike and the clothes on his back. This mini series shows an individual who decided to test the kindness of other people for food, shelter and petrol to fuel his expedition across the continents. Even though it’s awkward to watch at times (watching someone ask strangers “can I spend the night at your house?” and get rejected doesn’t get less awkward the more times you see it) it’s an easy, feel-good show if you’re feeling like watching something that doesn’t require too much attention.


Leon’s secretly loaded, so on his journey he gives various gifts to some of those that help him out which absolutely melted my heart, and that’s what really made the show for me. Whilst it’s quite predictable, and all of the episodes follow a very similar plot, the moral of the show is a good one, and perpetuates that age-old belief that those with the least give the most. I wouldn’t however recommend watching it when you’re hungover (if like me you get weirdly emotional at those times) because you will end up roaring your eyes out at the part when he pays for the education of a homeless man he encounters in Pittsburgh.

“On his Journey he gives various Gifts to those that help him out which absolutely melted my heart”


Overall it’s not a bad show, but it’s nothing ground-breaking; it’s an interesting show to watch when you need a little faith in humanity but it won’t show you anything you haven’t seen before.

Last modified: 10th February 2018

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