Reaching new heights: Kilimanjaro Challenge

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A group of brave Newcastle University students will be embarking on a once in a lifetime opportunity in Africa climbing Kilimanjaro in order to raise money for Dig Deep charity. This exciting fundraising challenge involves an 18-day trek.

Along with Dig Deep, students will not only be helping African citizens to improve their standard of living but also will experience a unique adventure. Mount Kilimanjaro is the longest freestanding mountain in the world with a contrasting climate.

Students will also have a chance to take the opportunity to immerse themselves in African heritage and culture.

Whilst participating in the challenge of a lifetime, students will be provided with three meals a day, clean drinking water and tents.

Dig Deep’s fundamental aim is to provide the citizens of East Africa with basic clean water. Due to poor infrastructure in countries such as Kenya unfortunately this is not always

Thanks to a close network with local communities, schools and hospitals, Dig Deep are transforming lives every day. Their triadic technique of constructing taps, toilets and basic hygiene in regions is contributing to long lasting and sustainable change.

Dig Deep will be urging students and their families to donate. Before embarking on the adventure, it will be compulsory for every participant to raise £1495 that will be distributed to the most vulnerable citizens of Eastern Africa.

Lukas Schneider, Group leader for the trip told The Courier: “my job is to recruit fundraisers. Then support and give them help over the year organising group fundraising events and socials.” The trip is next year late August/September, we will be climbing 4 days up the mountain and two days down, as on the way up you need to acclimatise to the altitude.”

The charity is a clean water initiative called dig deep, they aim to break the cycle of poverty by offering the
‘three Ts’ of taps: clean water harvesting system with clean water taps. Toilets: clean safe toilets and Training: teaching people to stop the spread of disease and not have to walk 6 hours to get unclean water.”

Last modified: 23rd November 2016

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