Red Dead II saddles up on PC

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Rockstar Games are about to provide PC gamers with an early Christmas present this year: one of their flagship games, Red Dead Redemption II, is to be released for the PC on 5 November.

Rockstar are pushing this port hard, keen to showcase the PC version’s many improvements to gameplay and graphics over its console counterparts. These include better texture detail, ambient sound and punchier combat.

More excitingly for those with beefy setups are the enhancements in the form of higher resolution and framerate output. Alternative aspect ratios and multi-screen compatibility will also be present to make it clear that the Wild West has never looked so good.

The PC edition of the modern masterpiece will feature free access to the Red Dead Online platform.

New York-based Rockstar Games produces the Red Dead series. Image:Wikimedia.

The PC edition of the modern masterpiece will feature free access to the Red Dead Online platform. There, users can access all previously released upgrades, technical improvements and information about all future DLCs. The platform also allows users to experience exclusive gameplay content such as Frontier Pursuits and the new rewards system for players as they progress through the story.

The biggest concern among PC gamers is the high hardware requirements needed to experience the full potential of the game. The full specifications can be found online, but the main requirements are an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 graphics card and at least 8GB of RAM.

A notable aspect of the port, likely to be a big issue for some, is the frankly ludicrous 150GB space requirements for the initial install. A large storage requirement given the mammoth size and scope of the game is unsurprising, but still, it is probably worth checking on what you can delete in the run up to the game’s release.

Red Dead Redemption II is available to pre-order on Rockstar Games Launcher and will be on the Steam servers from December.

Last modified: 16th April 2020

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