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It’s not often that we get to big up a former Newcastle student at The Courier, especially in the music section. However, with the release of Ocean Hearted the debut EP from Cait that all changes.

As you can probably tell from the title Ocean Hearted takes a lot of inspiration from the sea and with opener ‘He sells sea shells’ that becomes even more obvious. Straight away you can hear waves lapping at sandy shores and the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar. It’s here that Cait’s voice really shines, with a gentle echo behind it she delivers a beautiful performance on the song.

Title track ‘Ocean Hearted’ is similarly subtle, with fantastic harmonies in the chorus section which give it an otherworldy vibe. Cait’s arpeggio style guitar gives the song a more unique instrumental base.

‘Bare Feet’ is a short but sweet song which sees Cait’s voice rise higher and higher with an uplifting quality to it. The song is carefree and youthful with a lot of heart and is a highlight of the EP. ‘Summer Sands’ is similarly easy going, with Cait reflecting on memories shared on the beach and the importance of living in the moment.

Cait’s love of the ocean reflects her life which is spent between her homeland in the North East and the South African coast. The environment weighs heavy on closing track ‘Forest Fires’ which evokes images of a scarlet blaze against a dark night sky. However, the song still has some hope in it as Cait reminds us all that there is still beauty in nature.

Ocean Hearted is a compelling debut EP from Cait and one which clearly reflects her passions and herself. The EP is one which wraps you up in her world and transports you from your bedroom to sunshine and surfboards on golden sands.

Last modified: 24th September 2020

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