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After a gap of nearly two years, Friday Night Dinner fans were rewarded for their patience with the release of the sixth and final series. Though only one episode of the sitcom has aired so far, the series promises to bring just as many laughs as the previous five.

Despite the final episode of series five ending on a somewhat sombre note with a final farewell to Jim’s beloved furry friend Wilson which seemingly broke hearts across the nation, the new series showed a return to great quality comedy that we know and love the show for – just this time with a caravan mixed in. It’s somehow reassuring to know that, whatever has changed in the real world, the Goodman family still gather every Friday to celebrate the Shabbat. It doesn’t take long for Jim to make an appearance, and Twitter seemed to go wild, with the show dominating the trending list and many viewers applauding the skills of Mark Heap, whom the show has catapulted to national treasure status. For those who have not watched the first episode yet, be reassured that, while Wilson can never be fully replaced, we can be comforted in the knowledge that Jim does indeed find a new companion to accompany him on his jaunts to the Goodman house.

The new series so far doesn’t seem to deviate from the comedy displayed in previous episodes, but that’s okay. Writer Robert Popper knows what works, and the series has built up a considerable online fanbase – and rightly so. Running jokes such as eating squirrel, Jim’s fear of Wilson and the boys struggling to get “females” have created an online legacy for the show, and one which is well deserved. As the Telegraph so perfectly put it in their review: “The menu hasn’t changed – and nor would we want it to.” There’s slapstick comedy, there’s toilet humour, and there’s jokes that just don’t make any sense, yet are just inexplicably funny. The humour may not be clever, and the show may not be sophisticated, but it never fails to make me laugh out loud and distract me from the real world outside my window. In these uncertain times, people are seeking comfort wherever it can be found – and if watching Friday Night Dinner with my family each week provides that familiarity and the routine I need then I will continue to indulge in the weekly escapades of the Goodman family.

Last modified: 29th March 2020

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