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Netflix’s Insatiable is the worst TV series I’ve ever watched. When given the opportunity to write a negative review of Insatiable, I couldn’t resist. After watching The Kissing Booth, I really didn’t think Netflix could create anything as infuriatingly bad, but I guess I was wrong. Insatiable is on a whole other level of trash. Literally, it belongs in the bin.

The series follows high school girl Patty who gets bullied due to being overweight and instead of overcoming these bullies and embracing her beauty, she loses her weight as a result of having her jaw wired shut. I know, ridiculous. She then decides to get revenge by competing in beauty pageants and ultimately suggests that being overweight is unacceptable.

So, where do we start in terms of its offensive storyline? Firstly, there’s the fact that this series is romanticising being skinny and fat-shaming from episode one. I would have thought that with the emergence of fashion brands like ASOS employing plus sized models a TV series would be beyond targeting those above a size 0. But I guess not. Then there’s the subtle but extremely noticeable homophobia, racism, misogyny, jokes about rape and paedophilia. Must I go on? From start to finish this series covers topics that make my skin crawl.

And of course, there’s perhaps the idea that Netflix is showing all of these topics to bring them to light which if done in the correct way, then fair play. But it’s not. Insatiable is a gross creation of everything that is wrong with society and should NOT have been renewed for a second series.

To defend this show, you must be out of your mind.

Last modified: 7th December 2018

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