Review: King No-One – Think Tank, Nov 16th

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An evening of political stance, face paint and carnage. Think Tank hosted King No-One alongside two other first-rate rock bands which are all shockingly unsigned. The lack of acknowledgement from record industries of these bands showed that local musicians can still successfully tour and sell out venues without the support from the industry.

Opening the night with their killer rock and roll riffs, Ten Eighty Trees played us tracks including their new single ‘Before the Fall’. The Newcastle/Sheffield based alternative rock band had the heavy rock riffs of Royal Blood with the vocals of The Killers. For fans of alt-rock, this energetic band are one to listen to.

Newcastle based alt-rock band Sleep Tape were next to support King No-One. Their newly released single ‘I.D.B’ was released in October and their sound is something of Foals and Nothing But Thieves. Playing in Newcastle again on the 27th of November at Trillians’ ‘Be Quiet. Shout Loud!’ event, showcasing Sleep Tape and Bruto, the entry is free so there is no excuse to not be there for some mosh pit goodness.

Half way through their UK tour, King No-One headlined Think Tank with their indie rock sound and political stance on the industry. With massive philosophical questions about their identity and fitting in the music industry, it was stated that “We all belong here.” There were however other controversial views such as “The world, the industry, doesn’t believe this exists.” Although unsigned, King No-One put on an incredible night of reflection, loss, landslide paradise and heartbreak. Announcing the release of their EP OOMM on the 29th of March 2019, the crowd were ecstatic.

[pullquote]“We are called King No-One because no one is king, we are all born equal.”[/pullquote]

Alongside stage invasions, mosh pits and crowd surfers, King No-One put on an incredible show. Ending with their songs ‘Alcatraz’ and ‘Antichrist’, King No-One announced that regardless of colour, gender, sexuality or financial status, we are all born equal. It was a different experience to leave a gig feeling included and empowered, make sure that you see King No-One on their next UK tour.

Last modified: 28th November 2018

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