Review: Mac DeMarco- Here Comes the Cowboy

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On his brand new album Here Comes the Cowboy Mac DeMarco displays a new attitude towards his own music where he can’t seem to justify his fun indie boy persona anymore. It seems on this record, he is making the music for himself, not for his fans, resulting in a record that lacks the traditional charm of Mac DeMarco but still contains some roses among the thorns.

The albums opener and title track ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’ gives us just a taster of how country music has inspired this album, with DeMarco repeating the songs title over an old western style guitar riff.

Not many songs sample the whistle of a train nearly as well as track number six ‘Choo Choo’. Despite the only lyrics being the repetition of the line ‘Choo Choo, come and ride with me’ it is the funnest track on the album. A fantastic guitar riff plays that can be only be described as DeMarco jamming in the studio adding and adding to the riff as the track goes on.

On ‘Hey Cowgirl’ DeMarco tries to incorporate almost stereotypical aspects of country life with the line “Will you stay on the farm?” displaying this fully. Whether or not this is a case of him mocking country life or a serious question is never quite clear.

The records final track ‘Baby Bye Bye’ is perhaps its best. It starts off as a sweet acoustic track where DeMarco bids goodbye to his ‘Baby’ and seems to finally let her go. It then slowly transitions into a funk track with DeMarco screaming ‘Yeehaw’ and maniacally laughing in perhaps the coolest ways possible.

Here Comes the Cowboy has a lot of heart behind it and is clearly a passion project for DeMarco that sadly lacks the aspects that made his other albums so fun.


Last modified: 8th June 2020

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