Review: MIKA- My Name Is Michael Holbrook

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In My Name Is Michael Holbrook, MIKA returns to his roots with an album possessing tracks with the same energetic feel  of his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion 

However, in his fifth album, the artist also explores some darker undertones that stray from his usual positive style.

‘Paloma’ is easily the most touching track, a song dedicated to MIKA’s sister who fell out of a window in 2010 and sustained life-threatening injuries. “My Paloma, where is a broken dove to go?” sings MIKA, “Oh Paloma, if only you had let me know.”

With ‘Dear, Jealousy,’ he personifies jealousy as a third person who has entered his romantic relationship and he questions past life decisions.

The album also features several romantic songs. The opening song ‘Tiny Love’ calls to the importance of a realistic and even “mundane” affectionate relationship with a positive energy. ‘Ready to Call This Love’ is a ballad where MIKA is calling to his lover to reach the same place where MIKA is emotionally. “Take your time if you need it/ But don’t wait when you know you feel it/ And you’re ready to call/ Ready to call this love.”

In contrast to the sentimental love songs, ‘Ice Cream’ is dripping in sexual innuendos amongst synth hooks that make the track seem as if it could be a lost 90’s pop song.

‘Platform Ballerinas’ offers empowering lyrics that celebrates female individuality and openly confronts the expectations for women to appear perfect and put together all the time.

Throughout the album, MIKA manages to showcase his vocal range in both his upbeat tracks and his somber ballads.


Last modified: 14th October 2019

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