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It’s that time of the year when every Tuesday, the entirety of the UK unites to watch The Great British Bake Off. If you’re unaware of what The Great British Bake Off is, it’s a competition where twelve bakers are put under pressure by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith (formally Mary Berry) to follow a theme of cooking each week, ranging from cake to bread. Each week a star baker is chosen, and one baker will leave the competition. But what has this season brought to the show? Warning: spoilers ahead!

We’ve had some new themes this year, such as spice week and vegan week. I love how the show is always evolving with their themes to allow for the representation of a range of cultures, opening our eyes to food we’ve perhaps never heard of before. We’ve had some amazing creations this year too!

The one that stands out for me was Kim-Joy’s incredible spiced biscuit chandelier with intricately decorated snowflake biscuits, which rightfully won her Star baker for that week. However, we’ve also had a fair share of failures. In contrast Terry’s was extremely messy, almost like a children’s craft project, which was also baked unevenly and flavourless. During cake week Luke made a raspberry and white chocolate cake; its raspberries were falling off due to the heat, collapsing the cake entirely.

If the awful appearance of the cake wasn’t enough, Hollywood then described it as being ‘tough as old boots’. On pastry week Dan pretty much messed everything up, with his fish pie being the icing on the cake to send him home, being completely raw and frankly looking horrific.

Although there are many fan favourites this year, I think everyone has got a soft spot for Rahul. Whilst he is consistent in his excellent baking, he is also consistent in looking absolutely terrified whilst being judged. This has sparked recent controversy amongst Twitter users who feel that he is ‘faking modesty’. Personally, I would also be frightened if Paul Hollywood was critiquing my food whilst half of the nation watches.

The Great British Bake Off airs Tuesday nights at 8PM on Channel 4.

Last modified: 24th October 2018

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