Review: The Grudge (15)

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It’s often a wonder as to why people enjoy horror films. Are horror fans extreme sadists watching this as some kind of legal gore porn? A lot of people would say it’s the adrenaline of being scared, the rush after a constant barrage of thrills, if that is the case, you will not enjoy this film.

Slow paced, and somehow every scare falls flat, it gets to a point where you witness a presumably horrifying event yet you watch it like a mindless sociopath waiting for the film to get going, until, it’s ended, leaving a feeling of both being relieved but also a feeling of ‘was that it?’.

Everything from the plot to the writing feels half hearted

Thinking back, I can’t really see a demographic for this film, apart from perhaps people invested in the grudge franchise, as the film itself is another mindless reboot/instalment in the movies universe, which most horror films at this stage are. This film is almost self aware in the fact that it’s just another cash grab to milk this franchise further, everything from the plot to the writing feels half hearted, as if the people involved didn’t want to make this movie. There were no ideas behind it aside from a man in the suit saying ‘we haven’t made a grudge film in a while’, it was created more like a 16 year old’s GCSE art coursework but with the intent of getting a bit of extra money at the box office than getting a low B.

I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie on the whole, outside perhaps if you want to watch a scary movie on Netflix instead of writing an essay due in 2 days time. This franchise seems to be pretty much dead at this point, and it’ll be unlikely to spawn more spin offs or create a universe similar to The Conjuring, which is by no means due to lack of talent, more so to do with lack of passion. 

Rating: 1/5 stars

Last modified: 5th February 2020

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