Revision breaks count too right?

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With exam season just around the corner, it seems like everyone could use a little advice about what to do about the best part of revision: the breaks. Read on for some tips on how to use your revision breaks wisely:

  1. Why not use your time-off to cook or bake something yummy? Creating a tasty treat is a great way to distract yourself, and it means you can enjoy some tasty treats during revision, or look forward to your favourite meal after a long day of studying. On the subject of food and drink, remember to drink lots of water during exam period, too- it’s known for boosting the effectiveness of the brain. If plain old tap water doesn’t appeal to you, another creative idea for a revision break could be to chop up some fruit to soak in your water, adding some flavour.
  2. This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but keeping active during exam season is always a good idea. Exercise releases chemicals into the brain that can increase cognitive performance and improve memory, and even a shorter work-out can be beneficial. With so many ideas for easy work-outs available online, there really is no excuse to spend your next break scrolling through Facebook.
  3. Newcastle is a famously pretty city, from Jesmond Dene to the Quayside, and a revision break can provide the perfect excuse to explore. Heading out for a walk is a great way to destress during exam period- a bit of sunshine and fresh air is great for clearing your head, and we’ve already established that exercise can boost brain power. Plus, we all know that cake is good for the soul, and likely to cheer you up during exam season, and a walk through Newcastle is bound to take you past some of the city’s many great coffee shops.
  4. It’s always important to stay as relaxed as possible in the midst of exam season, and a great way to do this is to engage in a little self-care. Whether it’s a manicure, a pedicure, a long bath or a face mask, paying some attention to your beauty routine can be a great way to feel better about life during the exam period.
  5. Many students seem to avoid Netflix during exam season, but I would argue that it can actually be beneficial (in small doses, of course- deciding to start season one of Breaking Bad three days before an exam probably isn’t the best idea!). Sometimes, after a long day of studying, all we want to do is curl up under a fluffy blanket, and do something mindless. So, with this in mind, what could possibly be more mindless than re-watching a favourite film? Whether it’s Pulp Fiction or Tangled, we all have those movies we can watch time and time again, and I would argue that exam season can be a great time to revisit them. You know you’ll enjoy the film, you know the plot so well that you don’t even have to concentrate, and you already know how the movie ends, so it doesn’t matter of you fall asleep before the credits.

Last modified: 5th May 2019

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