Revision Playlist: Lizzo- Juice

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Somehow the gods colluded to have Lizzo release her latest album Cuz I Love You at the perfect moment to coincide with the final few weeks of me helplessly crawling my way over the horrifying finish line of this god forsaken degree. Do I work better when listening to music? Absolutely not.

The words on the screen and words in my ears get confused and I find myself writing something stupid about how Žižek thinks that capitalism is ‘Good As Hell’. Cuz I Love You makes me feel like I can change the fucking world. Will I get a 1st? Absolutely not? But will that prevent me from becoming queen of the world? Absolutely not. In this trying time of essay hell I may find it hard to love and appreciate myself properly, but as long as Lizzo is blasting out ‘Truth Hurts’ in my ears I am reminded that I am a bad bitch and academia doesn’t matter as long as I have ‘Juice’.

Last modified: 8th June 2020

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