Revision Playlist: Passenger- Rosie

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When sitting in the top floor of the Students’ Union, wondering why I am putting myself through this pain of essay writing and deadlines, a relaxing song is exactly what I need to motivate myself to carry on with my work.

For me, the song that I turn to is ‘Rosie’ by Passenger. It is a very soothing piece, and the lyrics are very appropriate to stressed out students. The song is about a guardian or parent telling their daughter, Rosie, that they will keep her safe. From this, the main message is that she has to go out into the world and change it for the better, by searching for its beauty. If there is any song appropriate enough for a university student, who has come to university to try and change their futures, then surely this is it?

For some of us, this better future may be the upcoming summer that is going to be full of drinking and parties, holidays and time with family and friends from home, but whatever it is, the hope that this song gives me is why I love it so much.

Last modified: 8th June 2020

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