Rhythm is a salsa dancer: Christmas is in the air

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Newcastle University’s Salsa Society started the Christmas season with an annual ball, which was held on Thursday, 1st of December.

The event, planned by the society’s committee, was meant to get students into spirit for the holiday season and celebrate the achievements of the society.

With the society growing almost twice its size from last year, the Christmas Ball attracted more than 90 guests to swing in salsa rhythm in Assembly Rooms and enjoy a great meal together.

“I am so proud of each and every one of you!” said Kristyna Kroblova, the president of the society. “You all made an amazing progress in those couple of months dancing salsa and your enthusiasm for events and socials was incredible.”

Kristyna also went on to thank other committee members for their hard work this year, and salsa teachers George Cleaver and Amelia House for dedicating their time to teach students to dance every week.

After the introductory speeches, the guests were surprised by an amazing live performance of Newcastle University Salsa Band that is in close friendship with the society and are currently fundraising for their trip to a competition in the US next year.

Javier Lopez, member of Salsa Society, said: “Being a Latin American in the UK,  for one night I felt at home with all the beautiful people dancing at the infectious beat of salsa and other latin rhythms! I loved this unique English ball with a tropical party vibe.”

Keeping up with the current trends, the society also live streamed a Mannequin Challenge that received a lot of attention from other students on social media.

For the rest of the night, students had a chance to dance to some amazing music played by Chris Pentland, Newcastle’s own salsa DJ, who is in charge of a couple of salsa venues in the city centre.

Last modified: 5th December 2016

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