'Rise and Shine' to the capitalisation of content

Rommie Pintatham discusses the latest viral meme involving Kylie Jenner and how the Kardashian family effortlessly capitalise upon every opportunity to create income.

Rommie Pintatham
4th November 2019
Image source: @kyliejenner (Instagram)

If anyone has been on social media for the last few weeks, you should be very familiar with Kylie Jenner’s new song, “Rise and Shine.” This three-word tune went viral when the famous Jenner sister gave a video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics Headquarters and woke her daughter up with the infamous song. The phrase triggered a global uproar of memes, videos and posts thus, providing the famous “momager” Kris Jenner with enough ammunition to launch an entire hoodie line based on the meme.

The hoodie itself comes in 2 colours, black and white, and sold out almost immediately after being released in Jenner’s shop. Both hoodies have Jenner’s face surrounded by a drawing of a sun with the phrase “Riiise and Shiiinnee” on the sleeves (black) and at the centre (white). They are selling at $65 USD on Kylie’s official online merchandise store. Sizes range from XS-XXL and are only available for pre-order with the actual hoodies shipping in four to five weeks.

Image source: kyliejennershop.com

Considering the fact that the hoodies were released a mere 48 hours after the video went viral, there is something to be said about influencer culture and their power to use any sort of content as a means of making money. Despite the success of the pre-order, controversy still remains regarding the simplistic design of the hoodie and how it doesn’t look “worth its price.” With small writing, music notes and Kylie’s face edited to look like the sun in Teletubbies, it isn’t difficult to see the reasoning behind the backlash.

Apart from all this, Jenner had also trademarked the phrase, “RIIISE AND SHIIINNE”. What does this mean? It means more merch for the phrase such as headbands, hats, belts and so many more. This might also include cosmetics as well so fans can now expect to be buying “Rise and Shine” merchandise for a long time to come. This may be questionable as trends on the internet seem to die down after a couple of weeks. By the time these hoodies are produced and arrive in the hands of her fans, the meme may have died down which, might make the hoodies lose their “worth”.

Despite all this, it’s highly doubtful that Jenner will lose her support, thus allowing her to continue selling “Rise and Shine” merchandise. Especially with the trademark of the phrase, the hoodies might expand into a clothing line and eventually, a cosmetics line. Clearly, Kris Jenner has “done it again” as she was able to make something out of the attention Kylie was receiving on social media and turn it into a commercial empire. As it is often said on social media, the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder!


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