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A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to sit down with the exciting new band MarthaGunn ahead of their show at the Riverside on their first ever headline tour. The band commented on their first EP, Lizzo and playing at the Peaky Blinders festival.

How does touring as the headline act compare to touring as a support band?

There’s pros and cons to both I think. It’s a lot nicer in some ways because you get a lot more time to soundcheck and prepare for gig. But obviously there’s more pressure.

When you’re a support band anyone who turns up is sort of a bonus. But when its your gig you feel a bit more accountable for the crowd who’s there.

I also saw that you guys performed at the Peaky Blinders festival. How was that?

Everyone really committed to it. Everyone was dressed up.

Did you dress up?

No. Well, we dressed up as ourselves. Although our soundman bought a flat cap and he’s still wearing it.

Liam Gallagher was playing as the special secret act. He was a few acts after us so that was pretty mad. Finding out on the day that you’re playing the same stage as Liam Gallagher. Yeah, the festival was really good.

This tour comes off the back of the release of your first EP ‘Love and Emotion’. What was the inspiration behind the tracks?

It was a real shift in our lives and us as a band and those songs were at that pivotal moment when that shift happened. So, it felt right to come out with those songs first to establish all that we’ve done and how we wanted to go forward. The overriding themes in those songs are being stuck and not listening to your instincts and your guidance and wanting to break free from that but not actually doing it.

And can we expect more releases soon?

Yes. You can expect one very soon! Then a lot of releases next year.

You also got an invite to the Radio X X-posure summer party. How did it feel to gain recognition from such a huge and respected station?

Yeah really good. John Kennedy’s been a real support to so many bands that we love and really pushed for them in their early days. So, to know that he’s backing us is quite a good feeling. All the other bands playing were also really good so it was a good time to be celebrating his career.

Your latest release was a cover of Lizzo’s ‘Cuz I Love You’. What was it about that track or even Lizzo as an artist which inspired you to release the cover?

I think she’s a really important figure for our generation and actually everyone. She’s sort of made her own rules and I like that a lot and I’ve been really obsessed with her for quite a long time. So, when we brought up the idea of doing a live session cover it was an easy one for us to choose. I love the fact that she doesn’t care what people think and she’s going for positive body image. She’s very honest in her music. I like that.

Last modified: 20th October 2019

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