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A Very Sad Goodbye

While the unfortunate ending to current 3rd or 4thyears’ time at university probably isn’t on the top of the nation’s priority list for concern right now, it is a very sad end nonetheless. After two and a half brilliant years in Newcastle, mine and hundreds alike have found our time in this city cut unexpectedly short thanks to the infamous Coronavirus. 

Without a proper chance to say goodbye, students have dashed from beautiful Jesmond and the city centre alike in a hurry to get home before a potential lockdown, and likely will not be returning after Easter. 

While these measures are understandably necessary, it certainly wasn’t the farewell that I, or any of my friends were expecting. No final trips to Tynemouth, or the infamous quayside spoons in the sun, no final nights out, and no grad or course balls to properly grace our goodbyes. After three years of building friendships and exploring this wonderful city, it is under very unfortunate circumstances that we depart from this city. However, let’s not be too pessimistic yet, we could still have to chance to come back for one last term and one last goodbye. But if not, Newcastle you have been splendid, and thank you to everyone who has made my time here so special.

Kelly Corcoran


The Courier

Before I came to the Courier, I was doing stand-up comedy. In comedy, you deal with ego every single day, which made me the ideal candidate for editing a section about politics. Then I realised I didn’t want to do it anymore, for the first time since 2013. The thing to which I’d devoted all of my teenage years just got up and left, and what remained was a hole in my life.

The Courier is the only other thing I’ve done that’s matches that level of enthusiasm, potential for creative flare and dedication, and thankfully with a lot less ego (unless I’m in the office). It’s no secret that student media involvement isn’t the key to being popular, and I’m glad (shut up, I am). The people who make this paper every week cast aloofness to one side, and let their drive, talent and generosity known to everyone who has the pleasure to work with them.  

Joe Molander


Social Distancing

While the world seems to be coming to a screeching halt because of the increasing spread of coronavirus, social distancing has become the most common recommendation by experts in order to flatten the curve.  

Yet, you will still find Instagram stories of people you know hanging at their favorite club or taking advantage of the low flight fares, with absolutely NO REGARD for anyone but themselves.

It seems bizarre that this even has to be said but stay at home people! You finally have an excuse to just be home and binge your favorite shows but NOW you decide you want to be the socialite of the century? Take this seriously. Your peer international students are all scrambling to get home, fighting anxiety about what happens to their visas.  Students without access to the internet are worrying about their education. The most vulnerable members of society are scared to even go grocery shopping. And you’re telling me staying at home and distancing is a problem?

This is a hard time for a lot of people. We need to fight this together as a community to come out on top. Grow your heart and choose to be better. Stay. At. Home.

Aastha Malik

Last modified: 18th March 2020

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