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Protesting the lockdown

Protests broke out in a number of US states against stay at home order. And though clearly an important component, stupidity alone did not bring these people together.

Something even more threatening did. Entitlement. This week, we all had to learn very quickly that ‘freedom’ is a much more complicated concept than these protestors make it out to be. In fact, if they get sick, they’re not only hurting themselves: they will demand medical care, infect medical workers, all while putting an enormous strain on the economy.

At first, I thought their lack of intellect was to blame, and that maybe they just didn’t possess the ability to think ahead and see the consequences of their actions. But after seeing the harassment suffered by medical workers seeking to disrupt these protests, it became clear that blind fanaticism is to blame. These people did not form an opinion on their own: the campaign of misinformation pursued by right-wing media and, not surprisingly, by the President capitalizes on these idiots for their own personal gain.

In fact, I do not believe that those pushing this agenda on the people on the street believe in what they are saying. Fox News put in place measures to protect their employees, and the Trump administration is still advising people to stay home. Trump and right-wing media can keep pretending they are against the establishment, even though they are the establishment. They are endangering not only those dumb enough to protest, but everybody who will need to depend on the infamously poor American healthcare system.

Elisabetta Pulcini


This week, a toast to the Tiger King! This jaw dropping Netflix series has had me glued to the TV for the most part of the week. Deadlines and online zoom classes have been abandoned in exchange for the likes of Exotic Joe and Carol Baskin.

The heated rivalry created through their ambition to essentially become the King of the Tigers has had me fixated this week in lockdown. Whilst horrified at the methods obtained in the hunt for power by these people, you can’t but remain gripped by the madness that continues to unfold each episode.

Tiger lover or not, from laughing at Joe’s attempt to sing, to debating as to whether Carole did murder her millionaire husband, this is most definitely a watch. If searching for a series sure to spice up your quarantine experience this week, be sure to get your claws into this one.

Ruby Story Dartford


Cut the Crap!

The loo roll crisis may be over, but I think it showed  how out of touch we are with real poverty. People lived for millennia without toilet roll. Before that we used everything from sponges on sticks to empty corn cobs…OK  I admit, toilet paper is an amazing invention. 

But there are far worse toilet problems in countries of extreme poverty. At one time, the North Korean government demanded human excrement to use as fertiliser, and in the Central African Republic, less than 35% of the population have access to proper sanitation according to the charity Toilet Twinning, with all the waterborne diseases and indignities we can only imagine.

So, considering the hardships so many others have faced, I think, if worst came to worst and -shock horror- loo roll did run out, we could all go a month or two without it.

Kate Lovell

Last modified: 6th May 2020

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