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Ticket Turmoil

Why are train tickets so expensive? They are stupid bits of paper that are used once and then binned. What is their point? Surely it would be cheaper if every station and trainline allowed people to use tickets on their phones? After all, we need to conserve the trees, and reduce our paper usage as a nation. Surely one way to do this would be to stop the distribution of printed tickets.

The fact that it can cost me up to £100 with a Railcard to travel from university to London is ridiculous. Especially as I can fly two people out to France for the same price, or cheaper! This isn’t just a problem a few of us face. With some fares, it can be cheaper to fly to New York than go from Manchester to London by train. How is that okay?

Patrick Young



Rocking the Vote

Nearly a third of the 316,264 people who registered to vote in the first two days after the general election was called were under 25.
Young voters sent almost 45,000 applications on Tuesday after the 12 December election was announced, beaten on Wednesday by 59,000 applications. Both figures represented a significant improvement on the 13,109 applications sent in on Monday, and the 4,981 applications the day before that.
This is vital, as the future of our country lies very much in our coevals’ vote, and the upcoming election is truly a once in a generation opportunity to decide the future of Brexit, the NHS and the type of society we want to build. The final date for registering to vote is 26 November, and can be done quite simply at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Matty Lacey




I like mayonnaise more than the average Brit, but sometimes, you have to draw the line.
Trying to get into the festive spirit, I ordered a brie and cranberry baguette from eat4less. I’m a loyal customer if I run out of time to make a packed lunch, but this truly offended my taste buds.
A couple of years ago, I had ordered one to find it accompanied by iceberg lettuce – not the end of the world, but an odd addition to brie and cranberry in my opinion. This time, however, I was outright repulsed. The sandwich had been finished with lashings of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise.
Mayonnaise doesn’t go with brie, and it certainly doesn’t go with cranberry sauce, and what made it even worse was that the mayonnaise was seemingly used to butter the bread, so I couldn’t even scrape it off.
Eat4less, I still love you, but please stop with this unnecessary mayonnaise nonsense.

Grace Dean


Last modified: 8th November 2019

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