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A Security Crisis

How is it that with a background of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ we are still moving towards an overcontrolled state? Almost everything that we do is watched and recorded, from the films that we stream online, to the shops that we visit and purchase from. 

Even books such as Rod Liddle’s ‘The Great Betrayal’ are being ripped apart, with some bookshops refusing to sell it! With such restrictions, how can we argue that we are a free country? With social media and the rapid pace that technology appears to be moving in, it is a wonder that we are not all as robotic as Winston.

Iona Lowe



Student Savings

Student shopping night is always filled with so many discounts for new and returning students, and this year’s was certainly no disappointment. I would therefore like to toast the effort that Intu Eldon Square went to on Tuesday the 1st October, providing students across Newcastle with some great bargains.

Firstly, a big shout out to Typo who offered 30% off and a goody bag with 10 items in if you left your email. More essential junk stationary to add to the collection.

Schuh also pulled it out the bag, offering 20-30% off already discounted shoes when you took a chance on the spin wheel. Cheap pairs of Reebok Classics and Vans always deserve a toast.

With great savings like these, I would definitely recommend everybody to check it out next time!

Hope Lynes



Left, Right, or centre?

Now more than ever, it seems that we have to pick a side in politics. Whether that be left, right, or in the middle, the war in Westminster has reached its climax.

Never did I think that Labour would become such a disliked party amongst my peers, or that the Lib Dems would emerge as a true contender. Corbyn and his team have isolated many of the party’s voters, and the Tories can hardly claim to have championed Brexit.

At a time when Westminster is starving for a strong opposition, the Lib Dems should be taken more seriously. With party membership at a record high of over 120,000, there is evidently a desire to pursue common sense and pragmatic politics.

Jake Dannatt


Last modified: 8th October 2019

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