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So you’ve just booked yourself in for a hot date with a cute library called Robinson. He’s been pestering you for a while now and you figure you’ll never know if he’s the one, unless you give him a chance. Dates can be nerve wracking and the perfect make-up can mean all the difference between a success and an utter flop. So before sipping your way through 3 coffees to pep yourself up, first consider your beauty regime.

Perhaps one of the best library looks for long hair is a bun. There’s nothing simpler than just twisting your hair up on top of your head and securing with a scrunchie or bobby pins. This style keeps hair out of the way which makes looking deep into the eyes of your essay easier and stops you being distracted (by those pesky loose strands at least). What’s more, if you spritz your scalp with a light mist of hairspray not only will this keep flyway’s grounded, but when you let your hair down after the stressful day, it should be wavy. Therefore you won’t even need to get the curlers out before hitting the town. For shorter hair a scarf or a headband should keep your face clear, or a ponytail screams casual yet classy.

In terms of makeup, choose something you’re comfortable in and generally speaking, simple is best. Start with moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated or use a BB cream that includes a moisturising feature, as this will give you a healthy glow. If you have naturally oily skin try a mattifying lotion or moisturiser such as Good Thing’s Miracle Mattifier range. If you’re wearing a tinted BB cream, foundation isn’t necessary. However a product to reduce puffiness under the eyes such as benefit’s ‘ooh la lift’ and concealer for spots and pink patches never goes amiss in enhancing your natural beauty. For your eyes, mascara is a must but it doesn’t have to be excessive- just the top lashes.

Choose volumizing or lengthening depending on your preference, but volumizing mascara tends to give a more natural look. For eyeshadow a mixture of light and dark browns tend to match all eye colours and they are a great way to add more dimension to your eyes. To complete the look a tinted lip balm or gloss will keep balance in your face.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a natural beautiful look is to stay healthy from within, as products can only do half the work. Therefore it is important to get a good night’s sleep, 7 hours a night is generally seen as best. Drinking water is also important for good skin and it helps concentration too.

Finally don’t forget a spray of your favourite perfume as it can be so comforting to catch a familiar scent when you’re stuck in the middle of a challenging equation. Moreover when you’re neighbour pulls out a stinky bag of cheese and onion crisps you can retreat into your own personal scent cloud.

Last modified: 7th December 2015

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