Robots, raiders and traps. Oh my!

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So, over the Easter holidays, two of the three announced downloadable content updates for Fallout 4 have been released. Seeing as I’d commented on them prior to release, it’s a pleasure to be able to take a look at what Bethesda has thrown our way.

“Make him the sexy robot he deserves to be for looking after your abandoned home for two centuries.”

Automatron was the first, larger block of downloadable content that we received, and it was brilliant. Bringing in a new storyline following the Mechanist, introducing some lovable (and hateable) robot companions, and allowing you to completely customise said companions? What more could you want? I tell you what more you could want: Codsworth as a sentry bot. You heard me right. Or even better, give him those sleek Assaultron legs and a bowler hat. Make him the sexy robot he deserves to be for looking after your abandoned home for two centuries. This DLC makes further use of the crafting mechanics of this game, so whilst you’ll obviously be spending a lot of time finding yet more materials (adhesive and screws are the bane of my life), the result will be undeniably satisfying. Trust me, hearing Curie complaining about not being designed for combat whilst firing mini-nukes and a pair of gatling lasers? Not much compares to that kind of hilarity. You’ll get the chance to explore new areas and fight against some new enemies, adding a fresh perspective to the already broad list of things to blast into millions of tiny pieces, loot, and hand to your new rolling backpack-with-miniguns… I mean robot companion.

The second DLC, Wasteland Workshop, focuses less on an extra storyline, instead expanding the settlement-building aspect of the game. Whilst this part of the gameplay might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the new additions make things incredibly interesting. Now you can place trap cages to catch anything from cats, dogs, Brahmin, Ghouls, groups of Raiders and Gunners (yes, they’re that gullible), all the way across to Deathclaws (the only one you want to hear about). You can then tame certain creatures to use to defend your settlements, should you wish. You’ll never need turrets again once you’ve got twenty Deathclaws to hack all of your enemies to bits. And better still, they won’t attack your settlers! If defence isn’t a worry for you, you can still, you know, set up a large-scale arena in which you can pit groups of enemies against one another in a good old death-match. You and your companions can join in too, if you’d like! Or, you could join in with what everyone else is doing, and have every possible creature beat the utter crap out of Marcy Long, the ungrateful sod. Also, if you want to know whether you’ll get the chance to find out why Mama Murphy got the name “Murphy the Madwoman” – give her some armour and a gun and find out! The possibilities are endless – trap your assailants in pits of Ghouls, use the local Mirelurk population of Spectacle Island to defend it, set a Deathclaw on Marcy Long because she’s a little shit. See if she’s happy with Sanctuary after that, shall we?

Last modified: 25th April 2016

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