Rogue PSN messages bricking PS4 consoles

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On 13 October, various PlayStation 4 users stated that a message exploit was ‘bricking’ consoles, with the only fix being a factory reset. At the time this hadn’t been commented on by Sony.

Over the subsequent week however, @AskPS_UK stated: “We’ve since fixed the issue, and it wasn’t bricking consoles, just sending them into a crash loop that can be quickly fixed in under five minutes. Delete the message on the PS mobile app, go into safe mode, use option five, console back to normal.” The next day Sony released a statement saying the issue was fixed with a patch.

Many users were left stuck with no official word from Sony for twenty-four hours

Numerous users on the r/PS4 subreddit have posted they had received the messages and suffered with the ‘symptoms’ – which are very similar to those seen in the mobile world where specific characters can shutdown the hardware. A post by reddit user u/Huntstark describes all but one of his team on Rainbow Six Siege receiving the messages. Each crashed and required a factory reset, except the member of the team who had his messages set to private.

Although the issue has been resolved, various comments have been made about Sony’s slow response to the issue. As it happened over the week, many users were left stuck with no official word from Sony for twenty-four hours.

Last modified: 1st September 2019

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