RuVeal! Meet the queens of Drag Race’s All Stars Four

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The queens for RuPaul’s All Stars 4 was announced on a livestream hosted by Trixie Mattel, Detox and Katya. Farrah Moan was first announced to All Stars, and hopefully she spends less time crying and more time focusing on her performances. Also from season 9 is Trinity Tuck, she showed a lot of growth through her season, so I think in All Stars she will really use every opportunity to improve herself.

I am not so hopeful for Gia Gunn because in her season she seemed to lack personality, becoming completely forgetful; but then again, the point for All Stars is to give performers a second chance at redemption. I am looking forward to seeing Jasmine Masters because she is hilarious, with many memorable quotes despite only being in her season for a few episodes. I am excited to see Latrice Royale return; however she has already been on the first season of All Stars so I feel maybe someone else should have had an opportunity of redemption.

[pullquote]Farrah Moan was first announced and Hopefully she spends less time crying[/pullquote]

The next All Stars contestant announced is another from the original season of All Stars, Manila Luzon. She has the same issue that she has already been on All Stars, but I think it will be interesting to see how both Latrice Royale and Manila Luzon have grown together since their time on Drag Race and All Stars. Monét X Change and Monique Heart are both fresh out of season 10 and may have a disadvantage as they have been on Drag Race most recently, with little time to prepare and grow for All Stars. Another queen I am very excited to see return is Naomi Smalls as she always had the best runway looks of her season, and was so close to winning her own season, with a huge fanbase behind her.

The one I am most curious about is the return of Valentina. I was fully convinced she was going to win her season until her terrible lip sync. However, since her season people’s opinions became negative, as in her reunion episode she came across very cold. We want to see who the real Valentina is, especially since she has drama with Farrah Moan. I think this season of All Stars will be very entertaining to watch as many favourite queens are returning, alongside ones which have existing drama between them which I’m sure will unravel.

Last modified: 7th December 2018

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