#SaferPartying campaign relaunches following dangerous house party in Jesmond

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A student property in Jesmond has received legal notices following a ‘dangerous’ house party.

Police officers had to force entry  to bring the party to an end

The party, hosted earlier this month, saw around 100 students locking themselves into the property. This led to the emergency services being called following concerns for the safety of those inside. Police officers had to force entry in order to bring the party to an end, due to hostile behaviour and a lack of cooperation from attendees. Once inside, police officers received verbal abuse and found that the address was at great risk of a potential fire, as smoke detectors had been covered up, along with windows and doors being blocked off.

Officers found over 200 nitrous oxide cannisters

Whilst revisiting the property to issue legal notices, officers from Newcastle City Council and Northumbria Police found over 200 nitrous oxide cannisters, as well as a considerable quantity of cannabis. Since September, police have been called to numerous house parties in Jesmond, the largest of which had around 150 students in attendance.

Following its initial launch in 2017, the digital campaign caused an 88% decrease in call-outs to house parties within Newcastle

The recurrence of large parties in the Jesmond area has resulted in the relaunching of the #SaferPartying campaign, in an effort to educate students on the risks associated with hosting large house parties, and prevent a resurgence of such events. Following its initial launch in 2017, the digital campaign caused an 88% decrease in call-outs to house parties within Newcastle,  saving the council and emergency services thousands of pounds.

Cllr Nick Kemp, Newcastle City Council cabinet member for Environment and Regulatory Services, argued that parties occurring in residential areas are ‘selfish’, and ‘disregard the safety of all involved’. He went on to claim that such parties are ‘extremely dangerous’ and ‘put everyone in attendance… at serious risk’ leading to ‘real and significant anti-social behaviour’. Sergeant Tony Davis, a member of the Northumbria Police Force, reiterated these points, encouraging students to ‘drink safely and responsibly, while being mindful of others who are living in the vicinity’. The #SaferPartying campaign has also received support from Vashti Hutton, Head of Student Progress at Northumbria University, who ‘welcomed the resumption of this campaign’.

It is hoped that this campaign will again succeed in raising awareness of the risks of house parties, and highlighting the dangers that parties pose for the hosts themselves, their friends and those in the surrounding area.

Last modified: 6th November 2019

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